Fluffy wuffy wonder pillow

I received this yarn as part of a mystery BOGO from the Yarn Factory Outlet ages ago. While I awaited an order from Expression Fiber Arts (stayed tuned because oooooo), I decided to do some kind of a stash buster. Since the bag o' lash was taking up valuable real estate in my yarn drawers AND it seemed fairly unlikely that I would ever spontaneously need it, I decided to find a project for it. 

Check out the close-up of this yarn.  Cramazing, right? You might think this would be the tippety-top of the commitment to quirk in my stash. You'd be wrong.*

Anyhow, I decided to make a pillow. If I was going to shop for buttons, I probably would have gone with a straight edge fold and like five big round shiny black buttons. In the spirit of stashbusting, I needed to work with ingredients I had on hand. Hence, a single button and an envelope-style fold. 

The "pattern"

10 skeins of Tent Sale Lash Yarn (weight and yardage unmarked; appears to be about 59 metres/65 yards and 50 g/1.76 ounces)
6mm needles
50 X 30.5 cm (19.5 X 12 inches) pillow form (I used a cheapie dollar store pillow)
1 large shiny button, or more or none

Cast on 61 stitches loosely, using 2 strands held together. To cast on loosely, I cast on to two knitting needles held together. You could also cast on to a larger single needle and switch on the first row. Stockinette stitch until roughly 32 cm (12.5 inches) long. Switch to new balls of yarn when necessary at the begging of a row, so that the yarn ends can be used to seam the pillow. Cast off loosely. 

Cast on 61 stitches loosely, using 2 strands held together. Stockinette stitch until roughly 32 cm (12.5 inches) long. On next and all following knit rows, knit2tog first 2 stitches, then knit across until last 2 stitches which you will ssk. Continue stockinette stitch with reductions until approximately until 46 cm (18 inches) long. Cast off loosely remaining stitches. 

Right side and wrong aren't hugely different with this yarn, but the Purl side is slightly fluffier so I considered it the right side. I made sure all the yarn ends were dangling on the wrong side where I couldn't manage to have them at the edge. Holding both panels with the right sides facing inward to each other, stitch the bottom and side seams together. I used the yarn ends where possible -- thrifty, and they'll never come unwoven. Turn the pillowcase right side out. Insert the pillow form.  Pull the flap over the front panel. Mark where the button(s) should be. Sew button(s) on to front panel. The gauge should be loose enough that you can force button(s) through the fabric of the flap without having to make proper buttonholes. 

The button is pretty much invisible in the photo. It's there, I promise. And it's bigger than you might guess. 

The button is pretty much invisible in the photo. It's there, I promise. And it's bigger than you might guess. 

I know what you're wondering. BUT DOES THE PILLOW WORK? The verdict is in. It is both fluffy and wuffy. Truly, it is wondrous, attracting cuddles from all it encounters.

fluffy wuffy wonder Lily.jpg

*As kooky as this yarn is, there is another batch of yarn from the same mystery shipment that waaay crazier. It is also lash, and it looks like the lovechild of Oscar the Grouch and the Snufalupagus. Brownish-yellowish-khaki-green. And shiny, so very shiny. I can't imagine that I'll ever find a use for it, and yet I am far too cheap to throw it out. (Yes, even though it was free.) Suggestions welcome.